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How to use the Wholesale Shopping Cart

This article assumes that you've already selected the images and products (eg frames or loose prints) that you want and are ready to place the order and make payment..

1. The Order Summary screen

When the Shopping Cart first opens, the Order Summary screen appears.

If you've placed any orders earlier, including for different product types, they will appear in the cart alongside any items you've just added.

Placing different products on the same order can slow down production, so please avoid this where possible. For example, loose prints are ready to ship much faster than finished products.

We charge freight on loose prints but not on finished products. You'll still be charged freight on loose prints even if you order them at the same time as (eg) frames.

At the top of  the Order Summary screen

Here you can:

  • Enter a promo code if you have one
  • Ask us to colour correct the image(s), or print as received ("don't touch").
  • Shipping is normally selected automatically, but Auckland customers can pick up from Queensberry. 

The hidden benefits of Queensberry colour correction.

The Products area

All you can do in the Shopping Cart is delete items, change quantities and edit image crops. If you need to make other changes, you'll need to go back to the order set-up stages. Anything you've added to the shopping cart will still be there when you return.

If you wish, you can empty the cart completely by clicking the botton above the Price Summary.

If you see a red alert against any item, click on it and go back to complete the necessary details.

The Price Summary area

Here you will see:

  • The number of items you've ordered
  • The cost of the products and services
  • Shipping and tax (if any)
  • The total cost in the relevant currency

When you're ready to confirm and place your order, click Enter Shipping Details to finalise your payment details.

2. Shipping and Payment

On the Shipping Details screen you can choose to either

  • send the shipment to your studio (the default) or
  • direct to your client (provided they're in the same country).

You may also be asked to confirm address details etc before proceeding to the Payment screen.

When ready click Continue to Checkout.

On the Payment screen you'll still see the order summary and shipping details. There's a Back to Cart button if you need to make changes.

In the Payment method section you can choose to pay with:

  • PayPal
  • A New Credit Card
  • A Saved Credit Card

You can elect to save your credit details so they won't need to be re-entered for future orders. If you do so, your card details will be stored on the Stripe platform and not visible to Queensberry.

Once payment has been arranged your order will go straight into production.

Click here for how we do business around the world.

Click here for more about our standard delivery times.

Click here for how to track an order in transit (production and shipping).

Our freight policy for loose prints.

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