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Order Loose Prints from an existing Gallery (alternative method)

Note: These instructions are for ordering loose prints wholesale in Workspace. To learn about selling retail in Workspace, start here.

There are two places to start the process of ordering loose prints.

  • Option 1 is from the Buy menu in the main navigation, and is described here, with instructions.
  • Option 2 is from an existing Gallery that holds the files you want to print. This process is described below.

Advantages and disadvantages of Option 2

Option 2 is a fast shortcut method.

  • You'll need to have already uploaded the image files to Workspace. 
  • You'll be asked to select the images first, then the product.
  • You can order images from all or selected images in a Collection.
  • You'll be offered products from all our product categories.
  • You'll be asked to select one print size and paper type for all the images.
  • You won't be able to change these settings because your next step will be straight to the shopping cart.
  • If you want to order prints in different sizes or on different stocks you'll need to go back and repeat the process.
  • This can very efficient in some cases, for example to order multiple prints in the same size, eg 6x4, 7.5x5 or 12x8.
  • You can also quickly select image files to go in a book or album, for example if you or your clients have already selected your Favourites.

Step 1: Select the image files

These instructions apply to Option 2.

In the Workspace navigation bar, go to Image Galleries, and open the Gallery and Collection from which you want to choose the files.

Scroll over the icons at the top of the screen and select Order. There are three options:

  • Open Shopping Cart with selected images
  • Open Shopping Cart with all images in this collection
  • Design an album with all images in this collection

Selecting "all images" will take you straight to the next screen.

If you want to print only a selection of the images

  • To select one image, click on the thumbnail.
  • To select multiple images, hold down the Alt/Option key while selecting.
  • To select a series, hold down the Shift key while clicking the first and last thumbnail.
  • To deselect a thumbnail, hold down the Alt/Option key while clicking.
  • Once you've made a selection, buttons to Select All and Unselect All will appear above the thumbnails.
  • Double-clicking on a thumbnail opens a larger version.  

When you've made your selection, choose the "selected images" option from the Order icon to take you to the next screen.

Step 2. The Buy Queensberry Products screen

On this screen all Queensberry's major product categories are listed except books and albums. Scroll down the window to see them all.

To order loose prints select Inkjet Prints or Silver Halide Prints, and choose from the options offered:

  •  Size (the dimensions of the paper, not the image(s) on the paper).
  • Paper Type (eg Fine Art Paper, Cotton Rag, Lustre).

Note, these selections will apply to all the files. If you want to order prints in a variety of sizes or paper types, you can go back and run this process again.

On Silver Halide prints you can also choose a white border and (on certain sizes) laminating and mounting options.

You'll need to enter a quantity of prints  per image file, This will apply to all the files you've selected. The default is 1. (You'll see the number of image files you've selected above the quantity box.)

When you're done, click Add to Cart

This will open a dialogue box with a View Cart button.

  • Click the button to go the Shopping Cart.
  • If you want to order more products, or a different size of the same product, you can close the box instead, and repeat the above process.

Reminder! If you order more than one product, you're order it for all the image files you selected.

Step 3: View Cart

This step takes you to the Workspace Shopping Cart.

Click here for how to use it.

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