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How to order frames in Workspace

Note: These instructions are for ordering frames wholesale. Click here for how to sell frames and canvases retail in Workspace.

Step 1: Select the product

In the Workspace navigation bar, click Buy, then select Frames from the drop-down menu. This opens a window in which you'll specify the frame itself by selecting options from four drop-down menus:

Follow the links above for further details. Note, "size" means the dimensions of the frame or mat, not necessarily the print.

When you're satisfied, click Next to go to a second screen to design the image layout and view a mock-up of the frame.

Note: your order will be updated automatically as you work.

If you quit Workspace or close the order/design window, click the shopping cart icon in the main Workspace navigation to...

  • Continue editing an order.
  • Delete an order that has not yet been submitted to Queensberry.

Step 2. Go to the frame design screen

After clicking Next, a new screen appears with three panels:

  • Image Template (left) showing apertures suitable for the frame you've chosen.
  • Design Panel (centre-right) where'll you'll design the frame and the images to go in it.
  • Image Panel (bottom) where you'll locate and select the images to go in this product.

At the top of the screen you'll see the option to select a frame colour. You can also change the print and glazing options that you chose on the previous screen.

Step 3. Select an image source

When you start a new order the Image Panel (bottom) will be titled "Your Image Galleries". In this view you can see all your existing galleries/events.

On small laptop screens the heading may disappear to save space.

Click on a gallery/event to see the Collections it contains — perhaps one based on your client's favourites, for example. If you haven't created any collections you'll still see "all images".

 If you want to upload new images click on the big '+' icon to add a new Gallery.

Click on a Collection to reveal the images in it. Once you can see the individual images you can add them to the product.

Step 4. Design the frame

Whether your frames are matted or un-matted you'll need create the frame layout by dragging an image into a template that you select from the Image Template panel (left).

  • By default, templates with one image will be displayed, but you can add multiple images to a frame with the "Images per layout" drop-down at the top of the panel.
  • In un-matted frames, if you choose a template that doesn't cover the entire surface the remaining area will appear as an unprinted white border.
  • If you change your mind, drag a different template or image onto the frame.
  • Click on the image to reveal a slider that allows you to zoom in and reframe the image in the template.

Cropping and framing: Hover over the image in the frame to show a slider with which you can zoom in on the image. Click and drag to reframe the image in the aperture

Once you're happy, click the View Cart button to continue.

When you've finished designing the frame, and you've confirmed the various options at the top of the screen, click View Cart to proceed.

Step 5. View Cart

When you click View Cart, an Order Summary appears. If you've placed orders earlier, including for different product types, they will appear in the cart with the item you've just added.

On this screen you can ask us to colour correct the image(s) and enter any promo code. You'll find the colour correction option in the top left section of the page, under the Coupon Code box. If not selected we will print your images as supplied.

The hidden benefits of Queensberry colour correction.

  • If you see a red alert against an item, click on it and go back to complete the necessary details.
  • You can also delete items from your order, change quantities, or empty the cart completely.

When you're ready to confirm and place your order, continue to Shipping and finalise your payment details. Once payment has been arranged your order will go straight into production. 

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