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Non-standard products

Although our products are highly customisable, we do get regular "non-standard" requests:

  • Some things are almost impossible to change, such as the size and shape of books and albums; page types; packaging etc.
  • Some are possible, but generally impractical for single products — for example cover materials and paper stocks.
  • But many details can be customised, although extra charges may apply.

For the following we offer a wide range of standard styles. If you're interested in something different, please email us so we can discuss whether what you're after is possible, and if so any extra charge:

Loose prints

We offer a wide range of sizes, especially for true photographic prints. Custom sizes are also possible, but extra charges generally apply because of the additional administration and handling involved. How to order.


Non-standard framed canvases are available but, as with loose prints, prices are generally higher than for standard sizes.


So that we can offer a streamlined, affordable service our frame range is based on standard size, moulding and glazing options. This makes non-standard requests more difficult to handle, and more expensive. We will quote on request.

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