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How to order loose prints (start here)

Note: These instructions are for ordering loose prints wholesale in Workspace. To learn about selling retail in Workspace, start here.

Two places to start

There are two places to start the ordering process. Both have advantages, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs:

Option 1: Order from the Buy menu in the main navigation

This process will be described in the article below.

  • You'll be asked to select the product first, then the images.
  • You'll only be able to buy products from one product category, which does help simplify the process.
  • Images don't need to be uploaded before you start — you can do this along the way if you prefer.
  • You'll be asked to select one print size and paper type for all the images — but you can if necessary change these image by image before placing your order.

Option 2: Order from an existing Gallery

Click here for a fuller description of this process.

  • You'll be asked to select the images first, then the product.
  • You can order images from all or selected images in a Collection.
  • You'll be offered products from all our product categories.
  • You'll be asked to select one print size and paper type for all the images — and under this option you won't be able to change these because they'll be added straight to the shopping cart.
  • If you want to order prints in different sizes or on different stocks you'll need to go back and repeat the process.

Step 1: Select the product

These instructions apply to Option 1.

In the Workspace navigation bar, click Buy, then select Inkjet Prints or Silver Halide Prints. This opens a window in which you'll specify the prints you want by selecting options from drop-down menus:

  •  Size (the dimensions of the paper, not the image(s) on the paper).
  • Paper Type (eg Fine Art Paper, Cotton Rag, Lustre).

If you want to order prints in a variety of sizes or paper types, you'll be able, later in the process, to change both image by image.

On Silver Halide prints you can also choose a white border and (on certain sizes) laminating and mounting options.

When you're satisfied, click Next to go to the second screen.

Step 2: Select the images

When you start a new order, this screen will have three sections.

  • At the top, confirmation of the size and paper type you've specified.
  • In the middle, an empty area with a message prompting you to select images.
  • At the bottom, an Image Panel with the title "Your Image Galleries". On small laptop screens these headings may disappear to save space.

In the Image panel at this point you'll see a big '+' symbol on the left, next to  thumbnails of the feature images for all your existing Galleries. You can choose images from existing Galleries or upload new files by clicking on the '+' symbol. You can even do both within the same order.

To choose from your existing galleries

1. Click on any Gallery in the Image Panel and the view will change to display any Collections you've set up in it — one based on your client's favourites, for example.

Above the thumbnails you'll now see "breadcrumb" navigation, eg

All Events > Portraits 

Below the thumbnails you'll see the names you've given the Collections. If you haven't created any collections you'll still see "ALL IMAGES".

2. Click on a Collection to see all the images it contains.

The breadcrumb navigation above the thumbnails will now read (eg)

All Events > Portraits > Favourites

3. You can now double click or drag the images you want into the empty image area above. When you do so you'll see the  file name, the default quantity (1), and the product size and "finish" you specified in Step 1.

You'll also see a Delete icon next to the image thumbnails and a link to change the image crop by zooming in and/or reframing.

To upload new images

1. Click on the big '+' icon to the left of the image panel. This will open a new panel inviting you to choose files from your computer, import from Dropbox, or simply drag files into the panel area from your computer.

Once you've done this you'll see progress bars as the images are uploaded.

Once upload is complete, simply drag the files from the upload panel into the image area above it. They will display with the default settings you specified in Step 1.

If you change your mind

You can delete items, upload more images or (using the breadcrumb navigation in the image panel) go back and select different images from the same or a different Gallery or Collection.

Step 3. Finalise the image settings

Before leaving this screen you should review the images carefully to ensure that you've selected the appropriate size, paper type/finish, and quantity for each of them.

Editing the image crop

If you haven't matched the aspect ratio of the image file and the print size that you chose, some areas of the file won't be printed. (Any unprinted area will be shown on the thumbnail.)

You can  click on the link next to the thumbnail to rotate the image, zoom in, and/or reframe the area that will be printed.

Click here for more about aspect ratio and printing.

Once you're happy, click the View Cart button to continue.

Step 4. View Cart

This step takes you to the Workspace Shopping Cart.

Click here for how to use it.

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