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How to order albums in Workspace

Ordering albums is easy in Workspace, but please allow time for production and delivery. Orders go into our system once they have been confirmed and paid for. Be sure to read on, and follow the links for more about delivery times and must go dates.

Design Method: When you order albums from Queensberry you can ask us to design them, or you can design them yourself, either in our online platform Workspace or using third party software like Fundy, SmartAlbums or AlbumStomp. 

Most of the process is the same no matter which of the Design Methods you choose.

Step 1. Login here: If you don't yet have an approved account, you can sign up on the same page. Logging in takes you to your 'Dashboard'.

There are two ways to start the process:

Either: Click BUY in the main navigation and select "Albums". With this option, you'll specify the album first and select (or upload) the images later.
Or: Click IMAGE GALLERY in the main navigation to go to your image galleries. Then either create a new gallery and upload images to it, or click through to a gallery you've already set up. Within the gallery click the shopping cart icon and select "Design an album".

Step 2. Both these options take you to the Album Set-up screen, which will step you through all the album details we need to make your album — size, cover material and style, pages etc. You'll need to start by specifying a Design Method as described above. If you need more information about our products or prices you can click through to the album pages and other relevant information on the Queensberry website, and to our price calculators.

Step 3. As part of Album Setup, you'll be prompted to upload the image files so that you (or our design team) can start designing the album pages. If you've opted for Third-Party Design you will be prompted to upload your layout files ("spreads") instead. When done, be sure to save the album, at which stage you can:

  • proceed to design the album pages in Workspace, or
  • submit the order for Queensberry to design, or
  • if you chose third-party design, place your album order.

If you want to send a draft of the design to your client for approval: Before you place the order with Queensberry, click 'SEND ALBUM TO CLIENT' in the top right hand corner of the screen. You'll find articles about album proofing and approval here.

Step 4. Once you're satisfied with the design, and have client approval, you're ready to order your Album. Click 'PLACE ORDER' in the Workspace album set-up window and you'll be taken to a new page where you will be asked to confirm the album details and supply any other information we may need so that we can make your album.

Once the album order has been sent to us you'll receive confirmation documents from us. Click here for information on our confirmation process.

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