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Translucent Title Pages

Translucent Title Pages add another dimension of artisanship to your book or album.

Standard Title Pages

Title Pages are available for Flushmount, Overlay Matted and Duo albums, and for Photo Books.

You can specify your personal title in Workspace.

When ordering titles, embossings and cover motifs, the same font should be used for all, but we do not query mismatches.

Click here to download a PDF of the personal title styles that we offer.


The translucent title is not available to view your draft design, as it is not created until the design is in production. The translucent title will be made using the details you entered when submitting the design.

You can view the details on the first page of the PDF we send out of each draft.

If you require a proof of the translucent title, we will take note and send one out once the design is confirmed and in production.

Non-Standard Titles

Non-standard titles may be possible, but a non-standard charge applies — please enquire.

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