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How to get your work quickly, and avoid extra charges!

Save on shipping

Shipping is built into the price of our our finished products but there's an extra charge for loose prints. You can save by consolidating your orders.

Do it yourself

We offer album design and colour correction services at competitive prices, but you can certainly save by doing the work yourself.

Charges for remedial work

We offer a "hands-on, eyes-on service", and put orders on hold and contact  clients if we spot problems that need to be fixed before they go into production. You may incur extra charges if we need to do remedial work, so these notes are designed to help you avoid extra costs! 

Any file manipulation necessary to match your files to our specifications, or to correct issues before your work goes into production, may incur charges on a time basis. For example:

  • Adding or changing colour profiles
  • Photoshop artwork and image editing.
  • Design work on album layouts or cover images.
  • Design work or file changes for custom embossing artwork etc.
  • We also require flattened files unless you request colour correction or digital copy albums.

Please review your files and layouts carefully before uploading them.  Check out our file specifications.

We offer test prints free with your first order, but thereafter these are charged at the standard rates.

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