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How to use our price calculators

You can review our prices and get an instant cost estimate for any Queensberry product using the price calculators in Workspace. You can view and compare prices on screen, and even print a PDF. You'll find the calculators under Prices in the main Workspace navigation.

To view the book and album price calculator, click here.

To view the calculator for wall art, boxes, prints etc, click here

Instant cost estimates with our price calculators

After opening the appropriate calculator, click the tab for the specific product category you're interested in.

Calculate the total price: For most products, if you select specific details like the number of pages in an album, the cover material etc, the calculator will work out the total price in your local currency.

Compare prices: In many cases the calculator will also help you  compare prices side by side across different options, such as album sizes, frame styles, canvas types etc.

Prices are estimates: The price calculator displays our current prices, but please treat the total as an estimate only, as there may be extra charges — for example if your order is changed, non-standard or requires extra work. Taxes are not included, and you may qualify for discounts. Read more about how our book and album pricing works.

The book and album Extra Charges tab: Under this tab you can see the price of our Starter Kit, image editing and file handling fees, studio logo setup, non-standard charges and pick-up and delivery fees.

Book and album colour correction and design charges: These are listed on the product tab (eg Duo albums) so that, if selected, they can be added to the calculated total price.

Other products (wall art, boxes, prints etc): Each category (eg frames, canvases) has its own tab in the calculator. Colour correction is listed as an option under the frames tab. Otherwise you'll find the cost under the Colour Correction tab.

Freight: Shipping is free for most products, but is an extra charge for loose, matted and mounted prints. You can check the cost under the Other products/Freight tab.

Discounts and extra charges: We offer Tier, Companion, Studio Sample and Promotional discounts. These are not reflected in the price calculators, but will be applied in the Workspace Shopping Cart, or when you confirm and pay for your book or album orders.

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