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Frame options — style

This article is about the various frame styles Queensberry offer. Follow these links for more about the other options — size, glazing, paper and printing.

Mouldings and mats

Click here for our current range of mouldings, and mats.

Image templates for frames

You add images to Queensberry frames by dragging and dropping them on to an image template in Workspace. Each frame size has a variety of templates available, including multiple apertures.

  • If you would like to suggest new templates please email us.
  • Find out how to use templates on the How to order page.  

Matted Frames

In Matted frames the photograph is mounted behind a black or white mat in the traditional manner. You can add a variety of print sizes in each sized frame by selecting the appropriate template (eg a 7x5 print in a 10x8 frame). Fine Art or True Photographic printing.

Un-matted Frames

In Un-matted Frames the printed stock will extend to the edge of the moulding.  As with Matted frames you may have a variety of templates to choose from. If you choose a template that is not "full bleed" the area not covered by the image will appear as unprinted. If you want to add borders or other special effects, do so before submitting the image to Workspace. Fine Art or True Photographic printing.

Floating Torn Edge Frames 

Our Floating Torn-Edge frames are very popular for portraits and newborns. We hand-tear the print to size and shape and mount it on foam board for a beautiful floating effect. We offer a range of different designs, including circles and ovals. Choose from any of our Fine Art paper stocks.

Unglazed, un-matted frames

These are an alternative to our standard canvas stretcher frames. The canvas print is mounted on foam board and presented unglazed in a standard frame. A popular option for Landscapes and Fine Art that highlights the beautiful, textured finish of the canvas.  Also available for True Photographic silver halide prints, in which case the print is textured with a UV-protective laminate. 

Un-framed foam board mounts

We also offer foam board mounting and UV-texturing of True Photographic prints 10x8 and larger, without framing. An affordable alternative for exhibitions and studio presentations.

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