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File Specifications

For reliable, high quality results, follow Queensberry's file specifications below. Our specs differ from many labs, so please read them carefully. For example, some of our album services require PSDs, which enable us to work on individual layers and images within page layouts. We also discuss minimum file sizes.

For predictable results, and to avoid delays and extra charges, please soft-proof all files that you send us for printing — especially if you don't want us to colour correct them! Use a calibrated screen in a consistent, suitably lit, neutral working environment. More details.

Queensberry file specifications

All files must be supplied in RGB format, 8-bit, 250dpi. Files must have an embedded ICC profile, either Adobe 1998 (Queensberry's preferred ICC profile for it's wider gamut, and required for press-printed albums) or sRGB (only available for silver-halide and inkjet printing). Read more about recommended working (colour) spaces.

JPEGs or PDF are preferred for all printing of single-layer files (print-ready files). TIFFs are acceptable but not preferred. Jpeg's, PDF's or TIFFs are MANDATORY for all Print-Ready services unless you want us to make copy albums from matted album page layouts, in which case we need PSDs, even for print-ready work. TIFFs must be uncompressed. JPEGs should be Quality 10 or better.

PSD files are ESSENTIAL whenever you want us to colour correct and print layouts with multiple images, eg album page layouts with basic or premium colour correction required. (Photojunction will export PSD print files of your album layouts.) PSDs are acceptable but not preferred if we're colour correcting single image files (extra charges may apply). All alpha channels must be removed, and adjustment layers either removed or merged with the layers they are intended to affect.

Layered PSD files are essential whenever you want us to make a Digital Flushmount Copy of matted album page layouts (even if you are ordering Print-Ready service).

File names must be short and include the file extension (eg .jpg) but NO special characters (eg ? ^ ” * . & ©). Only letters, numbers, spaces, underscores ("_") and dashes ("-") are acceptable. Example: goodname.jpeg.

Photojunction and Workspace have built-in control mechanisms to help ensure that your files comply, as well as filtering processes that identify and warn you about non-compliant files before you upload your order.

ICC Profile

Our printer profile "maps" the colour values that can be produced by our lab printers. With our profile installed on your computer and the rest of your colour management system set up, you'll be able to soft proof your images on a screen (ie. check how they will look once we print them) in order to:

  • Do your own colour correction.

  • Have a reasonably accurate idea of the colour of images you're sending for Queensberry to colour correct.

Photojunction automatically installs on your computer (and also updates) our colour profile for both our silver halide Lab, Fine Art/ Inkjet printing and our digital-offset books. To use it you just need to add it to your soft-proofing set-up in the normal way.

Download our ICC profile here.

Find more information on soft-proofing with our ICC profile and Colour Settings set up in Photoshop, click here.

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