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File Specifications

This article explains how to prepare files for loose prints, frames, canvases, matted prints etc. Additional important information about files for albums.

For reliable, high quality results, and to avoid delays and extra charges, please follow Queensberry's file specifications below and ensure the files are sized to suit the prints you want us to make from them.

Please also soft-proof the files that you send us for printing — especially if you don't want us to colour correct them! — using a calibrated screen in a consistent, suitably lit, neutral working environment.

Queensberry file specifications

All files must be supplied in RGB format, 8-bit, 300dpi. Files must have an embedded ICC profile, either Adobe 1998 (Queensberry's preferred colour profile for its wider gamut) or sRGB. 

To calculate the minimum pixel size for an image, multiply the print dimensions in inches by 300. For example, to order a 40x30 print the file should be a minimum of 12,000 x 9,000 pixels (40x300 wide by 30x300 high). If you're offering an image in a range of sizes in the shopping cart, size the image to suit the largest product.

JPEGs are preferred for printing all single-layer files. TIFFs are acceptable but not preferred.

  • JPEGs should be Quality 10 or better.
  • TIFFs must be uncompressed.
  • PSDs are required if you want us to colour correct multi-layered files. Extra charges will apply. 

File names must be short and include the file extension (eg .jpg) but NO special characters (eg ? ^ ” * . & ©). Only letters, numbers, spaces, underscores ("_") and dashes ("-") are acceptable. Example: goodname.jpg.

Soft Proofing ICC Profile

Our printer profile "maps" the colour values that can be produced by our lab printers. With our profile installed on your computer and the rest of your colour management system set up, you'll be able to soft proof your images on a screen (i.e. check how they will look once we print them) in order to:

  • Do your own colour correction.

  • Have a reasonably accurate idea of the colour of images you're sending for Queensberry to colour correct.

Download our Soft Proof ICC profile here.

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