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Queensberry's album design service

Album design by Queensberry is available for all our books and albums. A small per-page charge applies.

Standard album design is timeless and simple, and focuses on the images and the story they tell. We can add a contemporary, dynamic, asymmetrical touch to the layouts on request.

Decorative album design: For Photo Books and Flushmount albums we offer an optional Decorative design service that introduces background images or colours, reduced opacity, overlapping images and other elements.

More about Queensberry's album design styles

How it works

Please send us only the images you want to appear in the album, and ensure they are in the order you want them to appear. You'll receive an initial design within 3-5 days. You and your clients can review the design draft online, request changes and approve the final design using Workspace Album Proofing. The first 20 edits (adjustments to image placement, image swaps etc) are free, after which charges apply.

How to request Queensberry album design


You'll find prices in our online Price Calculator in Workspace. Design is normally charged with the book or album itself, but if your order is cancelled for any reason, or isn’t confirmed and paid for within 120 days, we charge the design fee separately.


Can I find the price of the album before ordering?

We can only give you a completely accurate price once the design process is complete, when we can include any variations such as chargeable edits, additional files, artwork services, layouts added or removed, and other changes that affect the total price.

However you can quickly estimate the price yourself using our online price calculators in Workspace. With the calculator you can compare prices across different album sizes, number and type of pages etc, and check the cost of optional extras like packaging upgrades and copy albums. You will need to login to your account to use them.

How can I review, comment and make changes to the design draft?

We  email you a link with each draft so you can view the design online in Workspace. You will need to login. Both you and your  customer can view the layouts, add comments and sign off on the final version. We don't communicate directly with your customer. Their comments are posted to you, not us, for you to forward to us if you agree with their requests. For more information on Workspace Album Proofing, click here.

How much does editing cost?

The first twenty individual image edits (changes to the size, position, treatment etc of a particular image) are no extra charge. Additional edits are charged at the following rates (per image adjusted)

NZD - 0.68 cents

AUD - 0.68

GBP - 0.38

USD - 0.51

I haven't received a revised draft yet?

We will normally have a revised draft sent back to you within 2-4 working days if you've requested edits. Please contact us if you haven't heard from us.

Why doesn't the cover motif show my clients' names?

The cover motif in design drafts is a placeholder, as we don't create the cover motif until you confirm the album order. The motif will be made using the details you submit with the design, which you can review on the first page of the PDF we email with each draft.

What if I want a translucent personal title?

Like cover motifs, titles are not created  until you confirm the album order. You can check the details you submitted on the first page of the PDF we email with each draft.

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