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Free test prints

If you're a new album customer, we'll print five full-sized layouts of your first Album Printing order as test prints (on request, without charge and freight free).

Test Print layouts will be printed depending on the service that you have ordered - ie to be printed as supplied by you (Print-Ready) OR after colour correction by our staff.

Test prints are not just a way for you to evaluate our printing, it's also a way for us to learn about your own preferences. We also invite you to send actual sample prints that you like and feedback once you have received your test prints.

Requesting test prints means your first print order will take a little longer, but it will save hassles in the long run. The turn around time for test prints is approximately 3 days in-house plus delivery time (this will vary depending on your location).

NB - your order will not go into production until you have contacted us to say that you have received your test prints and are happy to proceed.

Additional test prints can be ordered with any Album Printing order and will be charged at the rate for the equivalent prints (including shipping). We print one set only using the service specified on your Album Printing order.

Surface protection:

We'll coat your album prints at no extra charge to protect them from spills and marking. You must request this service in Photojunction or Workspace when you send your order.

Note: All prints bound into Duo albums are coated to minimise possible damage or marking.

About the test print process

Did you ask us to colour correct your files? Our house style aims for a “natural” look and consistency across all the images in a product. We focus especially on skin tones and key details like wedding dresses. We can accommodate preferences, like making your prints warmer, softer or sharper, but if you’re after a specific creative look it may be better to do the work yourself.

If you ask us not to touch your files colour management becomes important — for example the environment in which you’re editing files, screen calibration, soft proofing etc. Colour management issues like these can lead to unexpected results at our end. Either way we’re happy to talk! We’re proud of our printing and we want to make it work for you. You’ll find more about our colour correction services here.

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