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How our prices work, and where to find them!

Get prices instantly online: It's very easy to explore our prices, and to calculate the cost of any specific product, using our price calculators in Workspace, but you'll need to be logged in with an approved account firstHow to use the calculators.

Prices  depend on where you're located: We publish our prices, invoice you and charge your Credit Card in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars or New Zealand Dollars depending on your place of residence. Customers in other places are charged in US Dollars. Click here for more about how we handle GST, VAT and Sales Taxes.

Because every product we make is different our prices vary too: Here are some typical factors that affect the cost to you:

  • The size of the product.
  • The cover material (eg leather or buckram).
  • In books and albums, the number and type of pages.
  • In boxes, the number of mats and prints.
  • Embossings and other personal touches.
  • Upgraded packaging.
  • Services such as album design and colour correction.

Shipping: There is normally no extra charge for freight of books, albums, boxes, frames and canvases (one shipment per order). However purchases of loose, matted and mounted prints will incur shipping charges.

Click here for more about how we service our customers.

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