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How to set up your price list

Price Lists allow you to select the products and options you want to sell in your Print Shop and Online Galleries. You can set up as many price lists as necessary. 

There are four steps involved in setting up a basic price list; setting your basic parameters, choosing the products you offer, setting prices and linking to the image gallery/ collections. In this video, Ian goes over these steps.

Update: Workspace has changed since this movie was made. The content is still correct but the appearance of the screens has changed. To set up price lists you should now go to Settings in the main Workspace navigation, and scroll down to the Price Lists section.

Workspace Pricelist Set-up from Queensberry on Vimeo.

Setting your Basic Parameters (0.38)
Selecting your products (1.46)
Set your prices (3.41)
Attaching a price list to Event Gallery or Collection (5:35)

You can set up as many price lists as necessary. Here are a few reasons why you might need more than one!
Print Shop:

• You might like to set different prices for different products. For example you might have a different price list for limited edition prints vs. regular bulk run prints.

• We recommend matching the aspect ratio of your image files to the products you’re selling in the store, so they don't require cropping. Price Lists determine the products on offer for a specific image, so we recommend setting up separate price lists for each aspect ratio. For example separate 3:2 (full frame), 4:3 and "A" price lists might include 36x24, 40x30 and A1 frame or mat options respectively, depending on the image.

Online Galleries: 

• You might have different price lists for different genres. For example weddings, family and commercial. 

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