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Mats and mat types

A mat is basically a piece of card that acts as a decorative, often protective, surround to a photo.

We make lots of different types, depending on the products they're intended for. Here's a brief introduction.

Mat size: This is the size of the mat itself, not the photograph in it. For example a 10x8 mat might hold a 7x5 print.

Mat aperture: This is the window in the mat that allows you to see the picture. Note, the mat covers the edge of print, so a 7x5 aperture is slightly smaller than a 7x5 print. This is called "overlay" mounting.

Mat templates: You don't need to worry about all these dimensions as Workspace uses templates, so all you need to do is choose a template and drag and drop the image into its aperture(s).

Mats for boxes (assembled)

We offer two types of folio box, Studio and Premium Boxes, in 10x8 and 14x11 sizes. The prints are held in place between the mat and a card backing, so the mats can be removed from the box and safely handled. These mats are supplied printed and fully assembled, ready for the client.  

Mats for boxes (slip-in)

These are the same as the assembled type, except that they are supplied without the prints and with one edge left open so these can be added later. More about slip-in mats.

Loose mats

These are sold individually and fully assembled. They're made the same as assembled box mats, but with the addition of a cover sheet to protect the photograph.

Mats for frames

These have no backing, as the print is held in place by the frame backing. The cost is included in the price of the frame.

Mats for albums

Mats for albums work on the same principle but they're made from a different, slightly thinner stock to allow for more pages. In addition to overlay style mounting, as described here, we also offer the more intricate "pagemount" style in our Duo albums.

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