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What we mean by frame size

This article explains exactly what we mean by "frame size". Follow the links for more about the other options — style, glazing, paper and printing.

We offer a range of frame sizes, which in Workspace are expressed in inches.

You'll find a complete list of our current frame sizes under the Frames tab of the Workspace price calculator. This article explains exactly what we mean by "size". 

What we mean by Frame Size

"Frame size" means the dimensions of the mat and glazing that fit the frame, not the size of the print or the moulding. For example a 10x8 "matted" frame might hold a 7x5 print in the 10x8 mat. In an "un-matted" 10x8 frame the print would also be 10x8.

Queensberry frames are sold fully assembled (including the print) so you don't need to worry about getting dimensions wrong. Just select the frame size you want in Workspace and the available mat templates and print options will be displayed. Drag and drop your image into the mat apertures you've chosen, crop if necessary and you're done.

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