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How to supply a draft album design to guide the Queensberry design team

You cannot use 3rd party software like Photoshop, Fundy, SmartAlbums or AlbumStomp to design matted Queensberry albums. If you don't wish to use the free Workspace Album Designer you can request Design By Queensberry instead, in which case you‘re welcome to submit a “draft” design to guide our designers.

If you want to submit a draft, please follow these instructions very carefully!

Design rules

Very important: we will try and replicate exactly how you display the images on your draft layouts, but that requires you to do the following:

—  In all matted albums, every image aperture (i.e. opening in the card) must be at least 10mm (3/8”) from its neighbours on the layout, and also from the page edge.

In overlay albums the edge of the image will be hidden under the mat, so you’ll need to allow for that in your design. In your draft, crop the image the way you want it to be displayed, but make sure you leave at least 3mm (1/8”) of printable area outside the part of the image that you want to display — that area needs to be be printed even though it will be hidden by the mat.

In Pagemount Duos the apertures in the mats must be at least 10mm apart, as described above. However the prints will then be trimmed back even further, by another 2mm, to sit inside the mat, revealing the base page. To allow for that we suggest maintaining a gap between images in your design draft of about 14mm (9/16”).

Step by step process

Step 1. Set up the album order in Workspace as described here. Very important: choose “Queensberry Design” as the Design Method, not “3rd Party”.

When you've finished, save the album order (if necessary you can go back and delete it later). 

Step 2. In your third-party software create the draft design that you want our designers to as a guide, following the design rules (above) very carefully!

Step 3. Go back to Workspace and upload all the individual images you've used in your draft design, as explained in the Step 1 tutorial. Very important: upload the original files, not the page layouts!

Step 4. Before you submit your order, state in the special instructions box that you will be sending us a design draft for our guidance.

Step 5. Submit the album order.

Step 6. After you've submitted your album order, open the album again in Workspace (your order will now have a Queensberry Order No.) and follow these directions to upload your draft page layouts as "Support Files". As your layout files are for our guidance only, and not to be printed or colour corrected, they should be JPGs, and don’t need to be of print quality.

How to order Flushmount Albums and Photo Books using layouts designed in 3rd party software.

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