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A guide to slip-in mats

Matted prints are proving to be a great sales tools within the professional photographer community, and since Sue Bryce introduced her 'reveal wall' sales technique, photographers have been jumping on this for their own studios.

Our Studio Boxes and Slip-in mats are designed so you can stock up with products, and order your Queensberry prints separately. The prints will only take a few days to arrive depending on whether you want us to colour correct or not … or of course you could print your own. Either way, you'll be able to schedule a sales consultation/photo reveal as soon as possible after the shoot. Your clients will get to see the beautiful prints you'd like them to purchase, choose their favourites and walk out with a box of them, gorgeously matted … very appealing to a generation that's used to everything being simple, and more importantly, instant. Many photographers say that since adopting this sales method they haven't had a client leave without purchasing. Seems pretty cool right?

As the photos above show, it's easy to slip the prints in, but it's important to size them so they fit snugly inside the mat, rather than to suit the opening in the mat. Otherwise the print is likely to move around.

You can see what we mean in the photo below. The image is sized to suit the aperture or opening, but the paper print is extended by the unprinted white border to fit the mat. 


For 14x11 mats, the entire paper print should be 12x9 inches, with the image sized to suit the aperture, for example, 10x7". Just be sure to centre the image on the canvas in Photoshop or InDesign, so that it will match the mat. Same for 10x8 mats, but the paper print should be 9x6 inches. 

You may like to use gloves in this process to ensure the prints don’t get finger marks and to avoid damaging the print in any way.

If you would like to find out more about bulk ordering slip-in mats in Workspace, click here


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