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Frame options — glazing

This article is about the various glazing options Queensberry offer. Follow the links for more about the other options — size, style, paper and printing.

By "glazing" we mean the glass or other material that covers the photo or artwork and protects it from handling, dirt and UV light.

As well as the default options we offer two upgrades. However, depending on the size of the frame and where you’re located, not all may be available in your case:

The default options

  • Within New Zealand, by default we supply all frames up to and including A1 size (33.1 x 23.4in) behind standard Framers' Glass.
  • As they’re more liable to damage in transit, we offer Standard Acrylic in sizes larger than A1.
  • For the same reason we only offer Acrylic on frames shipped outside New Zealand.

Optional upgrades

  • Conservation Clear Glass (up to A1), or
  • UV Acrylic (all sizes).

Other options

  • Canvas prints can be supplied unglazed in a standard frame, with a protective UV lacquer finish.
  • Silver Halide prints can be supplied unglazed, with a protective UV laminate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Glass has been used to protect photographic images for many years, but is of course prone to breakage. The advantage of Conservation Clear over standard Framers' Glass is that it offers 99% UV protection of the image.

Acrylic is lightweight, resistant to breakage (important in high traffic areas), and offers high optical clarity. The UV Acrylic option offers 99% UV protection. Acrylic is softer than glass, may carry a static charge that attracts dust, and is more easily scratched.

  • We recommend that framed images, however they’re glazed, never be displayed in direct sunlight.
  • Visually, there is little discernible difference between glass and acrylic.
  • We don’t offer “non-reflective” glazing options because they scatter the light and reduce image clarity.
  • How to care for acrylic and glass glazing.
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