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How to request Queensberry album design

You can start by (a) setting up the album, or (b) uploading the images for it.

(a) To start by setting up the album

Under the BUY menu in the main Workspace navigation, select "Books and Albums".

(b) To start by uploading the images

Click Images in the main Workspace navigation and go to your Image Galleries. Either create a new Gallery and upload images to it, or click through to one you've already set up. With the Gallery open, click the ORDER icon and select "Design an album."

Options (a) and (b) both take you to the Album Set-up screen where you will specify the album details — size, cover material and style, pages etc.

One of the first questions Workspace will ask you is to specify a "design method". Select the Queensberry Design Service option so Workspace knows that you want us to design the album for you.

Workspace will also ask you to identify the specific image collection you want us to use for the album. This might be the default All Images collection, or another you've created just for this purpose. The collection must include only the images you want to appear in the album, in the order you want them to appear.

In a large album (12x12 and up) plan on no more than eight images per page (two sides) on average. Smaller albums should have no more than six. You may need to add pages or remove images.

Once you have sent us the design order, our team will design your album and upload it to Workspace for you and your customers to review, comment and request changes. Click here for service times. You'll receive an email when the design is ready to be viewed.

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