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How to upload directly into categories

Categories are a great way to divide images in a Gallery into separate sub-groups. For a wedding, for example, you might have categories called Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception and so on. That means your clients can jump to the Ceremony images, for example, without having to scroll through hundreds of other photos. You can now upload directly into Categories using the Workspace uploader.

Here’s how to create a new Category, and upload directly into a Category using the Workspace uploader.

1. Create a new Category

Go to the image gallery area in Workspace and set up a new gallery by clicking New Gallery. Enter a name for the new Gallery and click Create Gallery.

Once you’re in the new gallery's window you’ll see Categories on the left-hand side of your screen. Click + New Category. Enter a name for the new Category and click Create Category.

2. Upload

Once your Category has been created, either click the Upload to Category button, or click the Upload icon while you’re in the Category you want to upload to.

Now you can drag images into the uploader. Once the images have finished uploading Workspace will take you back to the Category window. Workspace will automatically refresh the page when the uploading has finished, so you will know that uploading is complete.

Please don’t close or refresh the uploader window until the images have finished uploading. If you do you will lose your upload.

Once you’ve created your Categories and uploaded images into them you're ready to publish them on your website or share them with your clients.

How Categories affect Collections and Sharing

In Workspace, Categories are a way of subdividing the images in a gallery, like chapters in a book. But what you share with clients are Collections. Workspace has a default Collection that contains everything ("All Images"), but you will generally set up new Collections with images that have been selected for a particular purpose, like shopping cart or album.

A Collection can contain images from any Category. Let's suppose you shot 2000 images of a wedding but only want to publish 900. You'd start by uploading them into Categories as described above. Then you could create a Collection called Publish, and drag the images that you want to share with people into that Collection.

You will be able to jump straight from Category to Category while you do that work behind the scenes. Then, once you've shared the Publish Collection, your clients will be able to do the same. Very convenient for both of you!

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