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Album Proofing

Users of Queensberry's design service or the Workspace album designer can use the free Workspace album proofing service as well.

  • Album Proofing introduction

    It's not compulsory to have your client's approval of an album design before ordering the product, but most photographers do. Workspace Album Proofing is a transparent and intuitive way for clients to...

  • How to share the design with my clients for proofing (Workspace Designed)

    When you’ve finished the initial draft of your album and wish to send it to your client for proofing, click “Share”  You will have the option to send to your client for feedback and approval, click th...

  • Album Proofing (design by Queensberry)

    Communications between you, your client and your album designer at Queensberry are much easier with Workspace Album Proofing. You've received your Album proofing link, now what? Queensberry designed a...