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How album confirmation works

"Order Confirmation" is similar to the system used by printers, for example. We ask you to confirm that we have interpreted your order correctly before we make it.

We reserve the right to obtain your confirmation of order as a condition of supply. In fact, we always require Order Confirmation from new clients, while we get to know each other and you get to know our systems.

When you send an order, Workspace logs on to our server and receives back a reference number. Please quote our reference in all correspondence from then on.

When we've processed your order, we will email you the order details as recorded in our system, and ask you to confirm that we have interpreted your order correctly for manufacture. This may include your detailed album plan. We don't start making your album until:

  • You've approved the album design, if we created it for you.
  • You've answered any queries we may have raised to clarify your order.
  • We have all the necessary details and files.
  • You confirm that we've interpreted your order correctly.
  • We receive payment.

The confirmation process helps avoid misunderstandings, but it does slow things down, so we don't ask you to confirm simple orders, or orders for products like boxes, canvases, prints etc that you've placed and paid for in Workspace's wholesale or retail shopping carts.

We still need payment in advance for unconfirmed orders, and of course we'll still contact you if we have any issues with your order.

As soon as you've confirmed and paid our team starts working on your order

All our albums are custom made for you. We cannot start making them until you've confirmed your order. Once you've confirmed, you cannot change your order in any way because it goes into production immediately.

After confirmation

After they're confirmed, Basic or Premium Colour Service printing orders go to our lab team for colour-correction. If they notice problems of any sort with your files they will contact you, and put your work on hold until we have your reply.

From time to time, order amendments, errors in order processing, remedial work or requests for extra services may delay an order or result in an extra charge or credit. Examples include order changes, adjustments to freight, charges for file handling or remedial work on image files, the cost of reprinting damaged prints etc. We will advise you of any delays or additional credit card charges as soon as possible.

You can apply for exemption from confirmation on all your orders

If you're a regular client, and would like to get your albums faster, you can apply for exemption from confirmation on ALL your orders. Assuming we have your credit card details on file, and we don’t have to query your order, your job will go straight into production once payment has been processed.

To avoid problems we'll need to be satisfied that you are familiar with and follow our systems, and we'll also need to have your credit card details on file.

Of course we'll still contact you if we have any problems interpreting your order.

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