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Favouriting images

The sole purpose of the Favourites feature in Workspace is to make your job as a photographer easier.

Your clients can select their favourites by clicking the heart icon while hovering over an image. They will need to enter their name, email and a password first, so that Workspace can create a unique account for them.

Note: on mobile they will need to tap on an the image to show it full screen and display the icon.

Clients can review and edit their favourites by clicking the Heart icon at the top right of the gallery screen. You can view them too, in the backend of Workspace, and use them, for example, to order prints, or other products you offer, or to design an album.

You can view your clients' favourites by opening the gallery in Workspace, clicking the Information (i) icon and then "Client Favourite Images".

Important: User details are collected so you can use the favourited images for album design and other purchases, and so you can communicate with clients about their favourites. You may not use them to build mailing lists or other marketing without the user's express permission.

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