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"Require Email on Login"

This setting is optional, and allows you to track and collect the email addresses of visitors viewing your Client Galleries.

If you turn the feature on, people visiting a gallery will  be asked to enter their email address. They will need to add their name and a password if they want to save their favourite images.

You can turn on Require Email on Login for all your Client Galleries in Image Gallery Defaults (under Settings in the main Workspace navigation).

Otherwise you can enable the feature for a specific gallery in its settings (accessible by clicking the gear icon).

To view the email addresses of people who've visited a gallery, open it and click the Information (i) icon, then "Gallery Visitors".

Note: these email addresses can only be used to keep track of who has viewed your gallery. You cannot use them to build mailing lists or other marketing resources without the user's express permission.  


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