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Canvas wrap options

Canvases on stretcher frames need to be larger than the nominal size so they can be wrapped around the timber frame and fastened at the back. We offer four "wrap" options:

  • Black: the side and back wrap area is printed solid black.
  • White: the wrap is white.
  • Natural: the image itself is wrapped around the frame (meaning tightly cropped images are impractical).
  • Mirror (Workspace copies the edge of the image, as it will be displayed on the face of the canvas, and pastes it in reverse around the cropped image to form the wrap. Like black and white wraps, this doesn't use up any of the image area.

Workspace adds the wrap automatically to your image file.

You can see a preview of the wrap when you're ordering in Workspace, and on the cropping screen as well, where you can zoom in and drag the image to reposition it on the canvas.

Because the Natural option uses part of the image itself for the wrap it's not always practical, especially on small canvases and with tightly cropped images. Many photographers "extend" the image area in Photoshop to resolve this.  

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