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Why tight cropping can cause problems

Would it concern you if the tip of the groom's shoe was cropped? It will seem trivial to some, but not everyone. Tightly framing or cropping your images can cause problems in album design and production. Tight cropping means you the risk of losing critical details (heads, text, borders — or the tip of the groom's shoe)!

What you need to know

The issue with trimming is a problem that all magazines and books face when images "bleed" out to the page edge. The solution is always the same – for the page designer to keep important details well away from areas that could be trimmed in production.

When designing your albums please work on the assumption that the edge of the printed image may be concealed or trimmed away, even if the image is to be displayed full frame, and especially if the image is to be printed small.

When you're designing pages in Workspace, Photosafe Guides will indicate or hide areas of the image that may be trimmed away or concealed*. These are just a guide and it is always better to leave extra space to avoid problems. Some examples:

  • Images may be hidden behind mats (in Overlay matted albums), trimmed around the edges of the page during construction (in Flushmounts and Photo Books) or the edges trimmed away to reveal the base page (in Duo albums).
  • If you’re ordering copy albums, bear in mind that 2-3mm (1/8-in) will be trimmed away from the page edge during construction, which can represent three times as much of the image as in the original album . (It's also worth bearing in mind that the "concealed" part of images in matted album apertures will be displayed in copy albums — nothing is "trimmed away" except at the page edge.)

*Warning: Other software will probably not offer these guides, so please take extra care.

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