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How do I view my sales in Print Shop and Client Galleries?

Log in to your Workspace account and click Track Sales in the main navigation.  This opens the Workspace Sales Tracker, with detailed information about your shopping cart sales.

Note: this window shows your retail sales in Workspace. To view your own wholesale transactions in Workspace, click Account in the Workspace navigation, then select Account Transactions.

The Sales Tracker includes a transaction listing showing customer details, sale value, tax charged and payment received for every sale. The listing also shows the cost of sales (including tax), any payment collected by Queensberry, and any payout due to you for each transaction.

Over time a chart will build up above the transaction list comparing your monthly sales over the last year with the same month a year ago.


ImportantThe sales tracker shows your customers' original purchases, and these can change! For example an order might be modified or cancelled by you or your customer. Workspace treats all sales as final and cannot account for these changes. Click here to see transactions, including any changes, and check progress on your orders.

1. Apply filters: You can search for transactions for a specific time period (e.g. the month of August), or for a particular event, image gallery or "package" (if you offer those).

2. Export data for your accounting software or GST/VAT return: After filtering the data to display just the relevant period, click Export CSV to export the transaction listing.

3. Check which products have sold: A summary of products sold appears beneath the transaction listing, including the quantity and the sale value.

4. Search for a transaction: Enter a customer'sPayPal email ID for a list of their transactions. 

5. View transaction details: Click on a transaction listing to open a pop-up showing the transaction line items. 

6. Check progress on orders at Queensberry: In the transaction listing, click the blue "Order No." link. How to track orders in production and shipments in transit.

7. Print a client invoiceClick on the transaction listing to display a printable PDF copy of the client's invoice. (You can export multiple invoices on the Charged Transactions page.)

8. Check image croppingClick on the transaction listing to check how the images were cropped in that order. 

9. Check the "profit" on your sales and any pay-out due to you: These are the last two columns in the transaction listing. You can see the total values at the bottom of the listing.

Click below to see how Workspace calculates Payout Due and Profit excl. tax.

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