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How do I pay for my book or album?

With your confirmation documents we'll include a link to the Make a Payment screen in your Workspace account, where you can pay for your order by debit or credit card.

(You can go direct to the payment screen at any time by clicking Make a Payment in the Account menu in the Workspace main navigation.)

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

When you enter in your card details and complete your payment your card will be charged immediately, but your payment will not be credited to your Queensberry account until processed by customer service. Payments are processed each business day.

If you wish, you can authorise us to charge your card automatically for future purchases (we won't do so until you've confirmed the order is correct). This is very convenient for regular customers, but you're welcome to authorise payments on an invoice-by-invoice basis if you prefer.

Please note

  • Queensberry does not receive any of your credit card details.
  • Our system is offline for back-up for half an hour every day.
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