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Bank arrangements to sell in Workspace

If you want to make sales from Print Shop or your Image Galleries, you'll need: 

1. A Stripe account to receive the money you've earned from your Workspace sales. 

Stripe accounts are free and simple to set up, but like all payment processors Stripe will require you to validate your personal information.

2. A bank account to receive your profits from Stripe.

You'll need to enter your bank details into your Stripe account settings so you can withdraw the proceeds of your sales.

Currently you can also use PayPal to receive your sales proceeds but we will be discontinuing this in the future for reasons you can read about here.

The Workspace/Stripe shopping cart workflow in brief

  1. Your customer orders Queensberry products from your Workspace Shopping Cart.
  2. You receive payment immediately into your own Stripe account of the total sale value minus credit card processing fees and Queensberry's fulfilment charges.
  3. Workspace sends order confirmations to Queensberry, to you and to your client.
  4. Queensberry fulfils the order and ships to your customer.
  5. You can schedule automatic daily transfers of your profits to your bank from Stripe (one payout per day, not per transaction).

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