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While stocks last and obsolete materials

You can view our entire cover material range for our Books, Albums and Boxes here. 

For more on how we handle discontinued products please click here. 

Here is a list of materials we still have in stock but have been discontinued. 

Contemporary Genuine Leather Plum
Classic Genuine Leather Cherry
Classic Genuine Leather Apple
Micro Leather Vanilla Bean
Buckram Poppy
Japanese Bookbinding Silk Raspberry
Faux Leather Bronze
Faux Leather Saddle
Faux Leather Sahara 
Faux Leather Tan
Faux Leather Rose Crush
Faux Leather Turquoise Frosting
Faux Leather Mint Julep
Faux Leather Key Lime Pie
Faux Leather 

Recent Obsolete Materials

Metallic Faux Leather Champagne
Pastel Linen Milkshake 

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