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Studio Embossing

Studio Embossing is a Queensberry service that allows you to brand the products we produce for your clients:

You supply artwork for your logo, and the first time it's used we charge you at the same rate as for custom embossing. After that we will emboss products on request for an affordable, standard charge.

We can emboss your logo on:

  • book and album covers
  • album Designer Boxes
  • matted Studio Boxes (but not Premium Boxes)
  • un-matted Print Boxes

These are all great ways to get your studio name out there, but here are a few practical things to think about.

Companion Embossing works much the same as Studio Embossing. If you want to use a Standard or Custom embossing on more than one product, once you've paid the full charge for the first product you can re-use the block on other products for the same low cost as Studio Embossing.

Products: If you want to use your logo on different products, such as large or small album covers, or boxes, make sure you choose a block size that will work across them all. For example an embossing that looks tasteful on a 14x10 might be overwhelming on an 8x8. Please ask if you need guidance.

Cover Materials: For practical reasons not all our cover materials can be embossed, so it’s important to ensure that the ones you want to offer are suitable. You’ll find details of what can be done with different materials here.

Cover Styles (books and albums only): We cannot emboss Photo Front covers, but combining a studio embossing with other cover decorations such as personal embossing or a cover motif can often work. However it can also make the cover look too “busy”. The best solution is to emboss your Studio Logo on an album designer box, leaving the album cover free for personal embossing, a motif, or any other cover style. Alternatively, consider adding your studio logo to the title page.

Think of your clients: Chances are your clients are paying a considerable amount of money for their products, and some may object to too much “branding” at the expense of their own personalisation. To avoid surprises we recommend embossing your display samples in the same style as you intend to deliver their own product!

Design —  probably the most important! Some logos aren’t suitable for embossing, either because of intricate or fine detail, or because they can’t be rendered in black and white. Please ask if you need guidance. If your logo isn’t suitable we will offer suggestions. For example you might be able to take elements from your existing logo to create something suitable for embossing, or you could add your logo to the album title page.





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