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Getting Started with Client Galleries

Here's how to get started hosting your image galleries and selling online with Queensberry. Workspace is free to use if all you want to do is order Queensberry products at wholesale prices, design and proof your albums and review your Queensberry account. But if you’d like to go further and use Workspace to develop your website, share your online galleries and generate profits from online sales you'll need a paid subscription.

Step 1: Select your gallery and website theme

Whether you’re looking to create an entire website in Workspace or just a “client area” that displays your current galleries and integrates with your current site, you'll need to select a "theme". If you’re after a Client Area to integrate with your current site we suggest the theme Shutter. If you’re creating a complete website then pick whatever theme suits you! You can change or modify the theme at any time. You'll also need to select a "gallery style".

Select Website Theme

Select Gallery Theme

Step 2: Add your branding and social links

Adding your branding to your online galleries and website area is a great way to not only protect your images (by adding a watermark) but also to get your studio name out there. Your logo will appear on the main website/client portal pages and in your shopping cart, as well as in the automated emails that Workspace sends your clients. You should also add your social media handles as these will display in the footer of your website and in any emails sent out. 

Upload Logo

Upload Watermark

Step  3 (Optional): Create a client gallery landing page

All you need to do to share an image gallery is send your client a link (as in Step 5), but it's a great idea to go a step further and create a landing page, or portal, as in the graphic, where clients and their friends and families can access ALL your active galleries. These can be passworded or public, in which case they're a great way for visitors to see the work you do and the clients who've trusted you in the past.

If you're building a stand-alone website in Workspace a landing page like this is optional. Add a page to your theme called, for example, "Client Area", select the Events widget then the "all events" option, and as you share new galleries they will be published automatically.

If you're only using Workspace to host your galleries, and want to integrate these with your main website, you'll definitely need a "Client Area" page. Remove all the default widgets from the Workspace Home page and replace them with the Event widget, as described above. With the necessary coding skills you can easily match the look of the Workspace page to your main site for a seamless experience.

Step 4: Set up your store

Selling products through your online galleries is a great way to increase your profits from every job. Your clients purchase products from your galleries. Orders come directly to Queensberry, who fulfill them and ship directly to your customers (anywhere in the world). We pay out your profits (after deducting the wholesale cost) on the 10th of the month following the sale. You can set up multiple price lists and attach them to any gallery.

Important: Ensure you confirm your tax number and tax rates under "price list defaults” in the settings area, so Workspace can calculate and charge tax on your sales. 

How to create a price list

Choose files or drag and drop files
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