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Private, semi-private and public galleries

Workspace offers three privacy settings for your Client Galleries — Private, Semi-Private and Public.

You can change the privacy status of a specific gallery in its Settings tab, accessible by clicking the gear icon.


The Public setting is popular particularly with event photographers, who for obvious reasons don't want to restrict access! But used with discretion public galleries are also great for marketing, as prospective clients can view the work you've done for genuine past clients.

No password is required, so anyone who knows its URL can view a public gallery. Visitors might click its thumbnail on your Workspace gallery portal page, for example, or a URL shared by email or on Facebook by you or your client.

Note: Workspace will ask you to confirm that you have your client's permission to display their images publicly without requiring a password.


The Private setting is great for anyone else who wants to keep their images completely private. Workspace will generate a password that will always be required to open the gallery, even if you or your client share its URL. On your portal page in Workspace (created with the Event widget) no cover thumbnail will be displayed.

Semi Private 

Workspace will generate a password, but it will only be required if the gallery is accessed via your Client Gallery portal page or Facebook for example.

If you or your client share the gallery's direct URL the password will not be required, meaning that only casual visitors, who don't know either the direct link or the password, will be denied access.

The Workspace portal page will display a cover image.

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