How to specify and order an al

How to specify and order an album using your exported page layouts

We suggest that you set up (specify) the album before you design the layouts. That will clarify your selections, and there’ll be less chance of designing an album we can’t make, or of submitting files in the wrong format.

Except for the file upload step, album set-up works the same for 3rd party software users as for people using Queensberry's own software or design service. Just select 3rd Party as the “design method”. 

Click here for instructions and a video tutorial.

Provided you select 3rd Party as the “design method”, once you've set up and saved the album specifications in the normal way you’ll be taken to a new screen to upload your page layout files (“spreads”). Here’s a second video that demonstrates uploading.

Important: Make sure you’ve created the layouts in the correct format! If not you’ll need to re-export the files.

If you want us to colour correct the layouts you’ll need to send us layered PSDs. If we are NOT colour correcting please soft proof your files before uploading them for reliable, high-quality prints.