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Sales tools in Workspace

We believe in-person sales are generally the best way to maximise product sales, but that's not always practical, which is why we offer two online sales tools in Workspace. All they require is a paid Workspace subscription — even the super-affordable Lifetime Plan will do.

If you're working with wedding or portrait clients we suggest Queensberry Client Galleries to present your images, and allow clients, family and friends to view them, share and buy. It's very simple to add a shopping cart to your Galleries so that visitors can purchase on the spot. Simply create and attach a price list, and Queensberry will do everything from then on — receive orders and payments, create and deliver the products, and pay out the proceeds to you each month. 

For more information about Client Galleries click here.

If you're a Fine Art or Landscape photographer — in fact anyone selling decor or works of art to a wider audience — we have a great eCommerce solution for you as well. Set up your Print Shop in Workspace, and as your customers place their orders, we'll produce the products and ship them out for you. You just bank the profits. 

For more information about Print Shop click here. 

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