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What happens if there's a problem with my clients order?

We pride ourselves on our quality and reliability, but sometimes things can go wrong. If they do we'll do everything we can to put it right and give your customers the best experience possible.

Queensberry and Workspace act as your agent to receive and fulfil your orders, which means we don't deal directly with your customers. They receive your contact details when they place their order, and you will need to deal with the complainant and pass the details on to us so we can resolve the problem.

Here's how it works

Step 1: Ask your customer to send a photo and description of the product fault — for example damage in transit or a product fault or mistake — as soon as they receive the shipment.

Step 2: Email with the image(s) and your customer's description of the issue, plus the order number.

Step 3: Our team will investigate on a case by case basis to determine the cause of the problem, and whether we need to review our systems to prevent a repeat — and of course how to fix the problem for you and your customer.

Step 4: We will either remake the product or organise a pick up so we can repair and return it.

Step 5: Your customer will receive their repaired or replaced product.

Step 6: They'll leave raving reviews!

Important: this process will also apply if the issue at hand was caused by your customer or yourself — for example coffee spilt over their purchase, or an incorrect image file supplied. We're here to help put things right!

Click here for our returns and repair guarantee.

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