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How to create Display Images for your shop

Q: How do customers know what your images will look like on their home or office wall?

A: Set up "display images" in your Print Shop showing your artwork in different settings.

Q: Print Shop makes setting up display images easy, but how to create the images themselves?

A: Stock Images are a great way to encourage sales by showing potential customers your images on display. Here we list five resources you could use. Whether you need a high level of customisation, or just an app to do it for you, there are options for everyone. 

Disclaimer: Some resources are definitely an investment. They're in no way required to launch your store, but they might be something to invest in down the line.

Artrooms (iOS and Android App)

Artrooms is an affordable way to create imagery for your Print Shop, and is available on both iOS and Android with a free 30 day trial. Subscription options are available for increased functionality, such as more walls to choose from and unlimited uploads. Simply import your photographs, enter the dimensions of the print size you want to display, and the app will scale it for you. Artrooms adds new images every month, which is pretty cool!

Artrooms is the app we used when building our demo sites, which you can view here:
Luca Bravo Demo Site
Isabella Jusková demo Site

Download Artrooms here.

Queensberry Product Images

We’ve uploaded a folder of Frame resources that you can download for free. Just superimpose your images into the PSD templates and your customers will be able to clearly see the frames you’re selling. As well as "display images", they're great for illustrating your product offerings, with your own imagery, on your web pages. However they don't show wall settings like the other resources on this list.

You can download these images here.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has a large library of interior photographs readily available. Some of the photographs already include Frame Mouldings, or you can super-impose your image and digitally create a Frame Moulding around the image if you prefer. Simply search Interiors once you’ve followed the link below.

View Adobe Stock Images

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online market place that makes beautiful design simple for everyone. We love the high quality range of products available. Beautiful fonts, Instagram Story templates, pricing guides and more. We've searched the platform and found a wide range of frame mock-up bundles that would look great in your store or shared on social media.


Etsy, like Creative Market, is an online market place where creatives sell everything from personalised pillows to macrame hangers. While there is A LOT to sort through, a wide range of digital resources is available. We've listed a few direct links to find Frame Mockup Photographs and Room Stock Images. 

View Frame Stock photos here
View Room Stock images here

Did we leave out a good resource? If we did, feel free to share them with our Insider community here.


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