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Custom Domain Setup

Step 1. Register your Custom Domain

Domain name registration is not typically free; there is an initial cost that registers the domain name for a period of time, with ongoing renewal fees to keep the domain registered. You are responsible for those fees. To register a domain, visit an ICANN-accredited domain registrar such as GoDaddy and purchase your domain through their platform.

Note: You can link multiple domains to your Workspace website and galleries, eg,,, could all be connected to your account. Just purchase and set up additional URLs in exactly the same way.

Step 2. Add your Custom Domain to Workspace

Go to SETTINGS in the main navigation, then select click "Custom Domain" on the left-hand side menu. You'll see a field where you can personalise your default Workspace URL. This address, eg is your default Workspace URL and is required even if you intend to use and promote a different URL.

To add your Custom Domain, click the “Add Custom Domain” button in the right hand corner and enter your custom domain.

Now that your Custom Domain is added to Workspace you will need to configure it and redirect your web traffic to it.

Step 3. Configure your DNS (Domain Name System) for your Custom Domain Name

In your Domain Registrar, navigate to the “Manage DNS Record” section. This is different for all domain registrars, which means we can’t give specific instructions, but there will be a number of records that need to be adjusted.

Please make sure your DNS records are as follows (you may need to manually add these records):

A (@)

A (@)

CNAME (www)

Step 4. Redirect traffic to your Primary Custom Domain

Assuming you're logged in to Workspace, go back to the Custom Domain page in Settings, as described above.

You will see below the heading that your primary domain is currently set to your Workspace domain. Click the gold link to change your primary domain. Select the Custom Domain that you entered in Step 2 and check the box “Redirect all traffic to this domain”.

If your domain is correctly pointing to Workspace you will see the Status next to your custom domain say OK. This means that everything is working correctly.

When you see the status change to OK, click ‘create SSL certificate’ to create your security certificate. This will stop web visitors receiving an ‘insecure website’ warning. This can take 10-15 minutes to apply to your website.

After 10-15 minutes enter your domain into your browser and check that your site loads correctly.


If you ever decide to let your domain lapse, or change domains, remember to update any links throughout your site to avoid broken links — and the risk of someone else registering that domain and surprising your users when they try to access your website!

Having trouble?

Email with your account number and a screenshot of your DNS records within your domain registrar. We will walk you through how to correctly connect your domain to your account.

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