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Art Services

Queensberry operates a full-service lab that can quickly and effectively correct problem areas in your image files - anything from custom colour correction (to extract the very best from your image files), to softening facial lines, opening eyes, removing minor distractions from images, and major artwork.

Artwork Services

Queensberry offers both colour correction and art work services. If you've requested one of our colour correction services, we review all your files before we print them. With both Basic and Premium colour correction we adjust colour, density (exposure, brightness) and contrast. With Premium we also optimise skin tones, shadow and highlight detail within the file.

However at times images need editing in order to remove distractions — or to open the eyes of the one person who blinked in the family photo, for example. We can take care of the extra editing for you, saving you precious time. Examples:

Skin –
Reduce under eye bags, shine & redness.
Smooth/reduce wrinkles.
Tidy stray hairs/flyaways.
Remove light reflections in eyes.
Remove band-aids, cuts & grazes.
Reduce the appearance of scars.

Clothing –
Remove dust, stray hairs and marks.
Smooth creases.
Glasses glass (if the glare is over most of the eye, we will need another image to take information from).

Other –
Remove anything distracting from the background.
Head swaps.
Open eyes (must provide an image where the subject’s eye are open to take from).
Teeth whitening.
Slimming of arms, tummies and double chins if requested.

All artwork services are subject to additonal charges.

Note: If we discover any problems that we believe require artwork we put your job on hold and ask for your instructions. Some of our clients provide us with standing instructions, authorising us to undertake and charge specific work as required.

Sending instructions 

Clear communication is vital to avoid misunderstandings. If you're using Workspace to design your albums, we recommend using the Notes function to enter your instructions. Otherwise, please email us and we'll take it from there.

How we charge 

We charge for custom colour correction, file retouching and manipulation by the hour in five-minute increments. Our Digital Art Charges form lists typical services and times as a GUIDE ONLY. We will contact you about complex orders that may exceed our estimates.

You can request a quote for artwork before we proceed with any job. We need to sight the work before we quote on lead-time and pricing.

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