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Product care

We recommend that framed images, however they’re glazed, never be displayed in direct sunlight.

To clean glass: Spray a small amount of non-ammonia glass cleaner on to a microfibre cloth (or a lint-free cotton cloth) and wipe in a circular motion. Wipe dry with a dry section of cloth to avoid water marks. Don't spray cleaner directly on to the glass!

To clean acrylic: Acrylic is softer than glass, may carry a static charge that attracts dust, and is more easily scratched. Household cleaners should never be used, nor should the surface be wiped as this is likely to cause micro-scratches. If necessary clean with a lint-free cotton cloth or clean chamois — don't use paper towels! — moistened (not soaked) with water. Add a little mild soap if necessary. Dab dry, don't wipe, as this may cause marks.

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