Copy Albums

Copy Albums

Copy Albums are (as close to as possible) bound replicas of the page layout files in a larger album. You can order Copies from Duo, Overlay Matted, Flushmount, Classic Matted and Musée albums. Copy Albums are bound in the same material as the original, but are plain (eg no embossing or cover motifs). The pages are Flushmount style (un-matted), including those made from matted albums — the mat texture and any border colour effects are digitally replicated. If you require an exact copy of the original album, please order a Duplicate when placing the order, or design a smaller version of the original album: both would qualify for 15% Companion Discount (conditions apply).

Copy albums and their restrictions

As technical and other conditions apply, please read the following notes carefully.

You can order Copy Albums in Photojunction or Workspace when ordering the main album. They cannot be ordered separately. Copies are available from all sizes, but you cannot order a copy larger than the original! The album from which the copy is made must be printed and fully bound by usSample album discounts do not apply to Copy Albums.


Sizes: We offer Flushmount Copies in 5, 7 and 10-inch formats. Sizes refer to the longer dimension (width or height). The other dimension will vary depending on the aspect ratio of the original album. We do not offer albums larger than 10-in as Copies. Maximum quantity per feature album: 5 of each size.

Covers: We match the cover material to the larger original album, but these are plain and un-padded. We can't replicate Wrap-around covers, Cover Motifs or Blind Embossing due to size limitations, but we do replicate half and full Photo Fronts. We apply an artwork charge if we need to create or modify different cover designs. Copy albums are supplied in protective velvet bags.

Title Pages: Copy albums do not include a translucent title page, but these can be added for an extra charge (view price list for more information). 

Pages: The number of pages will match the main album. For example, if you order a 30 page (60 sides) album the copy will also have 30 pages. The number of pages does not affect the price.

Copies made from Panorama Flushmount albums have medium weight panorama pages, whether the original has heavy- or medium-weight pages. For technical reasons, Copies from Matted and Classic Flushmount albums are heavier, and the prints are split at the centre, like the original.

Special features: Flip pages are replicated in the copy, but if there’s a wing included in the main album design there will be an extra page added to the copy album to account for this, e.g. a 15-page album with one Wing will end up being 16 pages. Non-photographic inserts in matted albums (eg invitations) CANNOT be replicated, but we will rearrange the images to close the space created by the missing aperture.

If these restrictions don't suit you please order a Duplicate when placing the order for the main, or design a smaller version of the original album: both would qualify for 15% Companion Discount provided they are ordered, confirmed and paid for at the same time.

Duplicating from matted albums

To replicate the mat and border colour effects, we require layered Photoshop files, which are normally available only for orders where we colour correct. Print-Ready clients who require Flushmount Copies from matted albums will need to send us layered files for their feature album printing, not flattened files as they would normally do.

Ensure all images in the large album are aligned before exporting high-res layouts for printing. If not, the images in the copy will be misaligned.

Technical Design Notes

Please do not re-size the image files for Flushmount Copies (we will scale the files ourselves).

Do not put any critical information (eg heads, text, borders) within 12mm (1/2-in) of the page edge of any album design from which you intend to make a flushmount copy! 2-3mm (1/8-in) will be trimmed away from the edge during construction, and scaling down for the copy album will reduce that safety margin by two thirds or even more! SORRY, WE CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOSS OF CRITICAL IMAGE DATA PLACED TOO CLOSE TO THE LAYOUT EDGE.

Photo safe guides in Photojunction show the area you should keep clear of critical data.

Flushmount Copies with Photo Front covers require special treatment. Closely cropped images are unsuitable for Photo Fronts because important areas would be concealed where they wrap around the cover - even more so when scaled down to make a copy (the aspect ratio also changes slightly).

Copies ordered seperately from main album

We accept orders for Copy Albums ordered separately from the main album subject to these conditions and payment of a 20% surcharge. (A freight charge will also apply if the total value of the shipment is less than the amount specified in your price list).

Orders must be placed within six months of the original album order to ensure we have the image files available. We do our best to match copy albums ordered separately to the original album as closely as possible, but we accept such orders subject to the understanding that card and cover material textures and/or colours, and the colour values of the printed images, may vary from the original. If copy albums are ordered more than 6 months after the main album and the original files were colour corrected by us, we will need to re-do the colour correction work on your new files, and colour correction charges will apply.