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How to create a coupon in Workspace

You can create "coupons" in Workspace that your clients can redeem for a discount on product and/or shipping costs when they purchase in your shopping cart. You have a lot of control over how your coupons are used.

About coupons

You can discount the product and/or the shipping charge separately. In both cases the discount may be a percentage of the sale OR for a set value. In either case you can set a minimum purchase value to qualify for the discount, and also a maximum discount amount. The values are all set in your currency. If sales are made in other currencies the values will be converted at the current exchange rate.

You can specify a start and finish date for the coupon, a maximum number of uses (eg. once only, or 100) and a minimum order amount. Each shopping cart order placed is one "use".

You can apply the coupon either to ALL events and collections OR to a selected event. If you apply a coupon to a single event you can apply it to ALL the collections in an event OR to a single collection.

You can also apply coupons to specific products if you wish.

Tax treatment: Where applicable, tax will be added to the discount given, just as it is to the original price. If, instead of a percentage discount, you specify a set value (eg $100) Workspace will add tax to that value. In New Zealand the total discount deducted including tax will therefore be $115 (at 15% GST). If in fact you want to offer $100 in total you'll need to deduct the tax from that, ie the discount before tax will be $86.96, which will equal $100 after GST is added.)

Shortfalls: If you offer discounts on Workspace-fulfilled products (prints, canvases, albums etc) and the discounted amount your customer pays is less than the wholesale price of the products purchased, you must pay the difference between the payment collected and the wholesale cost before we supply the products purchased.

How to create a coupon in Workspace

Victoria explains how to create a coupon in Workspace and how your clients can use this in the consumer shopping cart.

Important: We've made a change since this video was created. To set up a coupon you now need to click on Settings in the main Workspace navigation, then click Coupons under My Shopping Cart. Apart from that you can follow along with the video.

Create a Coupon from Queensberry on Vimeo.

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