Welcome to Queensberry

Beautiful images should be beautifully presented

We know an image is truly special when someone cares enough to print it, and to present it beautifully on their wall, in a gallery, or in a book or album. That's our business — welcome to Queensberry!

We believe in standing out from the crowd

Most “professional photographers” struggle. Only a few build long, profitable careers, and they do so by doing things differently.

Today, for example, most social photographers sell their images as digital files. No landscape or fine art photographer would dream of losing control of their work like that — but too many portrait and wedding photographers throw money away by doing it every day. Successful photographers have strategies to avoid the shoot-and-share trap. They don’t sell image files, they sell art, portraits, landscapes, stories.

Beautiful presentation builds profits

Products add value to your business in many ways. Yes, you make a profit on every sale. Even more important, they act as your silent salesmen. And they add to your status, and help you stand out from the crowd. And they’re the basis for most profitable sales strategies.

Queensberry's role

There’s a limit to how many shoots you can handle, so it’s important to maximise their value.

Step One is to focus on what brings in the money — shooting pictures and selling them. Step Two is to find a trusted partner you can outsource to. That’s where we come in.

We offer an end-to-end service, from Workspace, the platform on which we host and share your images, to post-production services like artwork, colour correction and album design, to delivering beautifully printed, impeccably crafted products to your studio or directly to your customers.

The main reason photographers don’t sell products is the work involved. But we can do it all for you. From receiving the orders, to collecting payment and delivering the goods. You can place orders directly at wholesale prices, or retail them in your own shopping cart. In which case all you need to do is upload the images and bank the profits.

From the shoot through to the finished product, online or in print, your clients deserve a great experience. Rest assured that our commitment to be the best is as passionate as yours.