Uploading images to Workspace

Uploading images to Workspace

Workspace was designed to store, organise, promote and sell your photography. Get started by uploading your first “Event” (image gallery). Here are two methods. They’re all simple to use, but choose the one that best suits you. (You can also upload to Workspace from Photojunction and Lightroom).

Basic Workspace Uploader

The Workspace Uploader is built into Workspace. Just drag and drop your images into it and watch them upload, to populate your website, share galleries with your customers, and order products from Queensberry. Here's how:

Dropbox Uploader

If you're a Dropbox fan like us, you'll love our Dropbox uploader! Handy if you're offsite, on a different computer, or simply use Dropbox to store your files. It’s really simple. Just watch the quick video below to see how it’s done.

Desktop Uploader

The Desktop Uploader is perfect for dodgy internet connections or uploading on the go. Our favourite feature is “Resume”: If you’re disconnected from the internet, the Uploader will pause, and then resume once you’re reconnected. Another bonus is that you can sort your files into collections and categories before uploading, and this will be replicated in Workspace. Watch the tutorial.

1. To download the Desktop Uploader, click here.

2. Once the Desktop Uploader has downloaded and installed, you can open it.

3. You will need to enter your account number and password. You received this information when you first registered with Queensberry.

4. Enter this information in the dialogue box pictured below and click Login.


5. From here, you can choose an event or create a new one. This is the event your images will upload to.

6. Select an image collection or *image category for your images to upload to, or create a new one. 

*If you've sorted your images into category folders already (eg. Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, Family etc.) you can build image categories from folder names. Images can only appear in one category, but can appear in multiple collections.


7. Select the images you'd like to upload by clicking Import Folder or Import File(s) to select specific files individually. 

8. Click upload and a progress dialogue box will appear, displaying the progress of your upload. Once your upload is complete;

9. Click IMAGES in the main navigation in Workspace, then select the event you uploaded to. You will be able to view the images you have uploaded in the collections and/or categories you selected with the uploader, in Workspace.