Workspace Subscriptions


Workspace is free for use to order books, albums and print products. To build a website, blog, create client websites and upload permanent galleries you will need a basic plan or up. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time to get more or less space. Read below regarding our subscriptions. 

Which plan do I need?

When you visit Workspace you'll see you're automatically given a free account. This can be used to order books, albums and products, which you can upgrade when necessary to a paid monthly or yearly subscription.

The difference between a "free" plan and our paid plans are the features available. On our paid plans, you can build your website, create permanent events to share and sell your work, blog and much more. 

The difference between each of our paid plans is the amount of storage and the rate of commision on shopping cart sales. 

For more information on each plan and the pricing and terms, please click the link:

To see and manage your subscription, click the link:  

*Galleries and albums for review will be deleted 12 months after uploading, if set as a temporary event. To make way for new users, accounts will be cancelled automatically after twelve months inactivity (ie no new uploads).

What storage capactiy do I need?

1. Our Free Plan only allows you to upload temporary events. For the purpose of ordering books, albums and print products. You can have an unlimited amount of temporary events. These will be deleted after 6 weeks. 

2. Our basic plan gives you a basic account set up, which you can proof albums, set up your website, share galleries and blogs. This plan is probably big enough but you can upgrade at anytime if necessary. 

3. Remember, when you make a sale or order an album, Workspace is going to grab the images you upload. So the size you need depends on what you want to do with them. Our guideline is, upload images big enough to make what you want to sell. A 40x30 canvas will require a bigger file than an album print, for example!