How do I set up a watermark?

How do I set up a watermark?

You need to set up a watermark before you upload your images. That way, when your images upload, they will automatically be watermarked. This saves a lot of time reprocessing large amounts of images. Watermarking paired with a small proxy size will protect your images from being downloaded or screen-grabbed before purchase.

Set up your watermark

Watermark tips:

Choose a centre positioned watermark. That way, your image can't be taken without being purchased.

We recommend making your watermark 1800px (longest side) at 300dpi. Any larger will take longer to load.

The tutorial below shows you how to upload and select your watermark position until 1.06. After that, the instructions do not apply to school accounts and you will need to head back to this article to see how to finish editing your Event Defaults.