Queensberry Display Samples

Display Samples

You can't sell what you don't show. The display samples you show clients are key to your success, and we offer two generous discounts to get you started. Read on for our sample discount policy, and tips for choosing the perfect sample, whether that's an album, box or canvas. 

Sample Album Discount


We offer new customers 25% discount on up to three display samples from our book and album ranges. Separately, we offer 25% discount on up to three display samples from our box and canvas ranges.

Regular clients earn an allowance towards additional Display Samples, depending on their previous purchases. Please contact Client Support to find out your entitlement.

Kickstarter Discount is non-transferable, and cannot be redeemed in cash. It can be combined with Companion and Tier Discount, but not with other special discounts or promotions.

How to order

When placing your album order in the back end of Workspace, you will have the option to order it as a studio sample. 

Once you have entered your album specifications in Workspace and clicked 'Save album and continue', you will be offered additional options before you place the order. These include whether you want the album as a sample (see graphic). Photojunction is similar.


Note: If you've placed an order for your client and wish to duplicate it as a sample, contact us at info@queensberry.com and we will manually process this. The duplicate will qualify for the the 25% Sample Album discount and will be embossed as a sample, not for resale.


How to choose the perfect sample

Successful photographers understand the importance of product sales — books, albums, frames etc — not just as a source of extra sales and profit, but also to establish their status at the top of their profession. The display samples you show clients can dramatically improve your business. Here are some things to think about in deciding what to offer.

Your personal taste matters

There's no point trying to sell something you don't like yourself. Show products that you love, and let it show!

Show what you want to sell

Make sure your display samples illustrate what you want to offer your clients. What does that mean in practice?

• An album showing an actual wedding coverage is more compelling than a "greatest hits" collection.

• If you want to sell canvases, make sure they're on your studio walls.

• Feature the products you want to sell on your website (it's amazing how many people don't!) In general, if you sell products, make a big deal of them. 

• Make sure you update your samples when you update your packages.

• Don't show what you don’t want to sell!

Where do you want to sit in the market?

If you're at the top of the market, your presentation should be too. This is a positive feedback loop — offering up-market albums, if only as added extras, is an effective way of improving your status.

Good better best

If you offer options at different price points, and we think that's a good idea, make sure your samples reflect them.

Your top-of-the-line studio samples should clearly reinforce the benefits of upgrading, and add perceived value for your clients. In albums, for example, with extra album pages, higher-end options like Musée or Duo, or more exclusive cover materials, like leather. Accessories like parent albums, copy albums and carry cases can do the same. Just remember that what matters is not so much the cost of what you're offering, but the perceived value … and how much of it you get to keep.