Request a Volume Portrait Acco

Request a Volume Portrait Account

To use the features of a Volume Portrait Account, you will need a specialist Volume Portrait Account in Workspace that will allow you to select Volume Portrait-related products, auto-create collections, add login fields to your web pages and more.

How do I request a Volume Portrait Account?

Conditions apply!

Volume Portrait accounts require an annual Pro+ Plan and are subject to approval. Factors we consider include the volume of business that the account will generate. Volume Portrait accounts can also require significant support getting established – plus ongoing administration – to align them with your business model. Our service may not be suitable for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you don't have an existing Workspace account:

You will need to register. Send an email to tech support requesting that, when you register, your account be set up as a Volume Portrait account. You can also request this while you're registering.

If you have an existing Workspace account:

Your account cannot be converted to a Volume Portrait account. You will need to request a new account from us. Please contact us.

We will send you a CSV template once we have approved and set up your account. This will allow you to quickly and easily create individual passwords for each person in a shoot.

Account Features

Upload images: Simple upload methods for a high volume of images.

Upload a CSV: You can upload a CSV directly to Workspace containing all the data required to sort your images quickly and provide personalised access to your clients.

Auto-create collections: Quickly and easily sort the files relevant to each customer into collections within Workspace. When they log in, they will only see the photographs that they are in.

Add a login to your website: Your clients can login using a password you supply to view their images, without having to sort through other people's images.